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Video Surveilance Systems

Video surveillance is a digital or networked version of the closed circuit TV and it also record the video footage as well as the resulting content is distributed over an network. Usually the video surveillance solutions are security that helps to reduce the crime and protect people home, industry, and property. So these solutions deter revenue loss from stolen destruction of useful or valuable information or data. Basically, it is an appliance that enables embedded image capture capabilities which grant video image and extracted data to be compressed.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in an Office

If you think that video surveillance only useful to jewellery stores, bank, parking lots then your business might me missing out on the other incredibly useful benefits of video surveillance camera has to offer. So if you want manage office building easily. Here is the some way where the video surveillance can beneficial for your office:

Protection for employee
Legal protection
Protection for physical asset
Insurance discount
Remote monitoring
Increase employee account ability

Advantage of video surveillance:

Easy installation, more effective implementation
Reducing, losses, damage and theft
Monitor remotely
Scalable and cost effective
Improved productivity
Distributed intelligence
Improved Security

National security and Alarm installer Provide for Video Surveillance Installation Services

With our custom designed video surveillance systems you can monitor your home or business through mobile and desktop internet applications.

We offer highly visible surveillance systems which serve as a great deterrence to theft, vandalism, and other crime

We offer covert, hidden, camera systems, to catch dishonest people in the act discreetly

We offer the highest quality night vision and low light systems available today, dusk to dawn cameras, infrared cameras, and infrared illuminators.

We offer other great features like Multi Position Power Supplies, Individual Fused Inputs, Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, Vari-Focal Cameras, Fixed Lense Cameras, Vandal Proof/Vandal Resistant Cameras.

You can even store your video off site in real time, so even if your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is stolen, the evidence will be preserved for the authorities, we offer mobile video recorders, remote view video surveillance systems, or CCTV systems.

We support all major brands including Honeywell, Speco, Pro Video, Pelco, DigiMerge, Everfocus, Silent Witness, Axis, Digital Watchdog, G.E., Kalatel, and many others.

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