Retail Surveillance

Retail Security

Can you afford merchandise losses caused by internal theft, shoplifting, inventory shrinkage, and cargo theft?Add to that the loss in manhours in searching for missing items, updating inventory, and restocking. This is unproductive usage of resources. Given the retail industry figures of upwards of $40 billion yearly,you need to take proactive measures to prevent such losses. You operate on tight margins with even smaller security budgets.Your warehouses have overhead expenses which can make solving these threats to your store’s bottom line challenging.Takeadvantage of our extensive experience protecting retail stores, and integrating innovative solutions to keep your money and resources secure within the store, at the warehouse, and from fraudulent slip and fall claims.

Get National Security & Alarm Installers’stools and resources to prevent your retail store’s lossesto internal and external theft, captureinappropriate activities being carried out in public areas, including sexual harassment activities,in transit, and restrict access to inventory areas. You earn a positive return on investment from our scalable retail video surveillance system solutions, which have the lowest total cost of ownership.Provide a better, safer shopping experience for your customers.


  • ✔ Enhance your bottom line proactively.
  • ✔ Analyze foot traffic tostreamline in-store sales,and evaluate crowd formation.
  • ✔ Enjoy improved employee efficiency as they will be disinclined to loiter when they know they are being monitored.
  • ✔ Remotely monitor deliveries.
  • ✔ Capture fraudulent slip and fall claims in the act, therebymitigating liability risk.
  • ✔ Ward off organized crime through continuous surveillance.
  • ✔ Check in anywhere, anytimefrom your smartphone, laptop, or tablet,and manage your system to make sure it’s running smoothly.
  • ✔ Scale solutions to your needs, whether you have one store or a nationwide chain of locations.
  • ✔ Improve store performance by building better relationships with your customers.
  • ✔ Place high value productsbetter, and cultivate a better shopping experience to your customers.
  • ✔ Take control of your losses by preventing internal and external theft to save thousands in avoidable losses.

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