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About National Security & Alarm Installers

National Security & Alarm Installers, Co. Ltd. is an American Licensed and Registered Service and Installation company, based in Queens, New York – USA.

Safety and Security of lives and properties is all we do and care for 24 Hours, 7 Days a week.

We connect the wires, devices, and program the whole systems very fast and professional.

We serve the following county and states: New York State: Queens / Brooklyn / Bronx/ Manhattan / Long Island/Upstate-New York / New Jersey / Philadelphia / Delaware/Connecticut.

We use only the latest Technology and Brand Names in all our CCTV-Cameras, Burglar-Alarms, Access Control (Parking-Lot Gates, Subway Turnstile, Building Access Entry Points, Toll Gates, Store Access Points, Entry & Exit Points), Home Automation, Phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and Computer Networking.

We use all brand name products as per our customer’s request.

We install for Homes, Businesses, and Government Agencies

Work we do every day, 365 Days a year:

We sell, install, service, and repair the following Systems in the Residential, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Churches, Businesses, and Government Agencies.

Below are some of the lists of the devices we use and install to all our customers we serve:

• Camera & CCTV
• 4/ 8/ 16/ 32 / 64 Channel Camera & DVR/NVR
• Hidden and Covert Cameras
• Police and Body Worn Cameras
• Explosion proof camera
• Car and Bus Cameras
• Hybrid Camera Systems
• Star Light Camera & DVR/NVR
• License plate camera
• Burglar-Alarm Systems
• Video Surveillance
• Biometric and Finger-print Attendance, and Biometric Door Locks.
• Voice & Data
• Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phones
• Access Control (Entry & Exit Points).
• Home Automation/Smart Homes
• Bullet Proof Doors
• Wall Hidden Safes
• Solar Air Conditioners
• Solar Power Systems
• Solar Systems
• TV / Monitor Mounting
• Invisible Speakers
• Cabling / Structured Wiring

We are always available to listen and to provide a Professional Security Design and Solution that will meet and surpass every customer’s imagination.

Our wiring, installation and programming of each security system and project is done very fast and very professional to meet your project completion.

We also, offer a Free Quote to any of our potential customers, so call us at our Corporate Line: 718-760-9305 and one of our knowledgeable technical staff will be willing to assist you promptly.

We are available to handle any project big or small, so feel free to contact us via phone, email, and text messages.

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Home Surveillance
Home Surveillance

Home Surveillance

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Bussiness Surveillance

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