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Security at the workplace is critical to preventimpediments to your operations which bleed you of thousands of dollars without your knowing about them. As a modern business, you need a modern solution to your security and surveillance needs. The daily threats facing your business have the potential to severely cripple your business.Utilize a video surveillance system from National Security & Alarm Installers to monitor your property.If you haven’t upgraded your system within the last five years, you may be lacking the coverage and business intelligence needed to run your company more effectively.

Keep your employees and customers safe with the latest video security solutions and resources we provide you to radically improve your daily operations, and maximize your loss prevention programs.Get professional support for your security needs with expert design, engineering, installation, and support. Wehelp prevent incidents from happening rather than just recording them for all kinds of businessesfrom small businesses to nationwide brands with hundreds of locations.Our video surveillance systems areendlessly scalable, and can be tailored to your location’s precise needs.

Why Choose National Security & Alarm Installers?

  • ✔ Get your equipment installed by an expert.
  • ✔ Our equipment is commercial grade.
  • ✔ National Security & Alarm Installers has been serving its customers to their utmost satisfaction since 2002.
  • ✔ Get free estimates onsite and support for as long as your equipment is functional.
  • ✔ If you need it, get interest free financing .
  • ✔ If need be, check out our retail store.
  • ✔ We are a licensed vendor, and our equipment is insured.
  • ✔ Our packages are very affordable as they start at $899 with installation included.


  • ✔ Access recordings from any smartphone.
  • ✔ Images are in hi-definition, ensuring crystal clarity.
  • ✔ State of the art technology ensures night vision for recording in poor light.
  • ✔ Recordings can be 24/7 or motion based.
  • ✔ Get text alerts of activity on your property.
  • ✔ Fully expandable systems allow you greater flexibility as your surveillance needs increase.
  • ✔ Get up to six months of video storage.

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Home Surveillance

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