Church & Religious Surveillance

church & Religious Security

Churches and other religious institutions have much that is precious — both in a worldly and other worldly sense. They are often targets of vandalism, and other anti-social activities. To protect the people who come to pray, and participate in church activities, and church property you need to install different kinds of surveillance cameras at strategic points. This will ensure that you are alerted when miscreants are prowling in the premises.

National Security & Alarm Installers has radically changed the approach taken to assure, and enhancechurch and religious institutional security.We have a proven track record of providinginnovative solutions which are cost-effective, and serve to overcome their security challenges through a proactive and multilayered approach. Make the faithful feel safe.

Why Choose National Security & Alarm Installers?

  • ✔ Get your equipment installed by an expert.
  • ✔ Our equipment is commercial grade.
  • ✔ National Security & Alarm Installers has been serving its customers to their utmost satisfaction since 2002.
  • ✔ Get free estimates onsite and support for as long as your equipment is functional.
  • ✔ If you need it, get interest free financing.
  • ✔ If need be, check out our retail store.
  • ✔ We are a licensed vendor, and our equipment is insured.
  • ✔ Our packages are very affordable as they start at $899 with installation included.


  • ✔ Get a virtual building map with camera locations.
  • ✔ Gunshot detection with police alert.
  • ✔ Instant lock down in case of emergency with police notification.
  • ✔ Facial analytics and tracking.
  • ✔ License plate capture.
  • ✔ Recording Resolutions up to 8k, 16mpix.
  • ✔ Integrated metal detection.
  • ✔ Gettext alerts of suspicious activity.
  • ✔ Capture crystal clear hi-definition images.
  • ✔ View from multiple devices.
  • ✔ Recordings can be 24/7 or motion based.
  • ✔ Video storage up to 3 years.
  • ✔ Poor light and night time activity tracked through state of the art night vision cameras.
  • ✔ Offsite video storage services.
  • ✔ Notification of doors left open.
  • ✔ Suspicious object detection.
  • ✔ Link surveillance cameras to police for live viewing.
  • ✔ Vandalism detection.
  • ✔ 360-Degree panoramic cameras capable of pan/tilt/zoom.

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