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Wall hidden Cameras to Protect Your Home Or Industry From Unwanted Thefts Hidden Wall Safe

Our hard working, and above all, skilled team members are what make our National Security & Alarm installer company so outstanding.Knowing you, our customers, are protected and safe is our greatest satisfaction.

When it comes to home security systems, there is nothing better than diversion safes besides the common solution of hidden cameras. These safes are concealed from plain sight. Other than the person who installs them, no one else can get to know the whereabouts of these safes. The rule is simple, if a thief would break into your house, he would not look around much other than the target areas. Commonly, the time span for burglary is short and if he will keep ruffling things in wrong areas he won’t find much or perhaps anything. These safes are designed in a way that they easily blend with the settings. They are situated at common places, yet not in real hiding, as a thief may think otherwise! It can be your bathroom sink, kitchen cabinets, soda cans, wall socket etc. Since these are the regular object of your home, so they will never catch a thief’s attention.

 Wall hidden drawers, used for effectively hiding valuables while keeping them highly accessible to the owner.secret wall safes

National Security & Alarm installer’s hidden drawers remain invisible to a prospective thief or to anyone who does not know it is there, yet the items are readily available in about one second by activating the concealed switch. The hidden drawer is constructed of 10 gauge steel and has a proven record of success as an anti-theft device that is unrivaled in the industry. Further, these drawers can be accommodated in a number of locations, from larger homes to small studio apartments. They are easy to use, provide ultra-convenient quick access, and are completely secure for your valuables.

National Security & Alarm installer provides a variety of home protection vaults in addition to hidden drawers, safe rooms, concealed wall safes, walk-in safes, and more. Items can be tailored to customer need.

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We sell and install safes for your home or office. Whether you want a gun safe or hidden wall safe, our team can fit your needs. Stop into our store today to discuss your options. We make it our top priority to identify the problem and clearly communicate with our clients at all times. We can fulfill all your safe needs; from purchasing a new safe to helping with forgotten combinations. Our reputation as Queen’s trusted service and provider for locks and safes is important to us!

Our team has a great deal of experience working with security systems, car locks and safes. This experience helps us solve even the most difficult problems such as hard to pick car locks or stubborn faulty security systems. Through experience we can help advise you on the best security system for your car, home or office to ensure optimum safety while not exceeding your budget. We offer installation service for locks and safes in Queens and the surrounding areas.

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