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Hybrid DVR offers 3 technologies in one. Also known as a Tribrid DVR. This Hybrid DVR allows you to record Analog Cameras, HDCVI, and IP Security cameras all on the same recording device. For IP cameras, this device supports up to 16 IP cameras, 16 CVI cameras or 16 Analog cameras as part of the “Tribrid” feature. This makes our DVR a 32 Camera Digital Video Recorder ! Customers with existing analog cameras can now add High Definition Security Cameras in both CVI and IP to their existing cameras. Simply mix and match anyone of the 16 security cameras. You can record both the HDCVI and IP in 1080p resolution and the analog cameras can record up to 960H. Installations will be easier than ever. You can use more affordable CVI cameras in some areas and use IP cameras for those hard to wire locations. The combinations are virtually endless.

TRIBRID DVR Systems – Professional Grade Security DVR Systems:

“Tribrid” digital video recorders (DVR), as they’ve come to be known, aren’t a new thing. Previous to the release of Tribrid DVRs, there were Hybrid DVRs.Hybrid’s are capable of streaming and recording both standard analog and IP/network cameras. The Tribrid simply introduces the ability to now have HD-TVI cameras in addition to those analog and IP cameras.

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Ease of Use:

Using a Tribrid DVR is no different than using any other DVR or NVR. The graphic user interface (GUI) and features will all be very similar. The real difference is that the features that distinguish a DVR from an NVR will all be on the same unit. This may mean some added menu options or inputs.

By using Tribred camera system you do not need a PC to run it. The System has its own PC and Recording device much like your DVR at home. It utilizes a GUI Menu Interface with a secure Linux Operating System just like all the other models we carry. The video quality will amaze you the moment you connect your HD monitor and begin viewing.There is no software to download, no difficult programming. You have use either BNC, HDMI, or VGA to view your cameras. After your initial setup, you can monitor your DVR over  Internet or via your local network. USe our Mac, PC or any smartphone device to view your recordings.

Tri-bred Camera Systems

How it Works:

Every channel on the Tribrid can be configured for Analog, HDCVI, or IP with the simple click of a button. After selecting the channel type, connect your cameras to the video inputs on the back of the unit, or connect them to  network if you’re using IP cameras. Your cameras that you have hardwired to the DVR will begin streaming and recording immediately. Your IP cameras simply need to be added to the device list. This is done in the same fashion as if you were using an NVR.

You should be considering a Tribrid:

Other than the Hybrid DVR, the Tribrid are just about the first thing in this entire industry to be even close to backwards compatible. In the past, upgrading from one type of system to another always meant swapping out your video recorder in addition to your cameras. For this reason, it gets expensive pretty quick to upgrade; having a DVR that’s compatible with every type of camera currently available, regardless of type, should seem like a no-brainer. This puts you in a perfect position to either upgrade everything all at once, or piece it out one thing at a time. With this unit, you can use your EXISTING Cables, Power Supplies, Connectors, etc. It makes the experience less time consuming and less expensive.


Get Serious about your Surveillance with a Tribrid camera system

  • Up to 1080P Realtime & Playback
  • Easily upgrade to HD using HD-over-Coax cameras
  • Combine Analog, IP/Megapixel and HD-over-Coax on the same DVR
  • Get up to 32TB of Memory using Surveillance Hard Drives

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