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Starlight security cameras

Starlight series camera not only shows excellent performance in difficult lighting conditions but also features a wide range of smart detections such as tamper detection, smart video detection and intelligent analysis. Tamper detection can be subdivided into video mask detection, defocus detection and scene change detection. Smart video detection includes tripwire detection and intrusion detection. Its image analysis function provides an integrated and simple way to perform analysis on the images.

Furthermore, the starlight cameras support people counting and heat map. Heat maps enable users to identify the hot spots and dead areas in the low light. As for PTZ Dome Camera, it supports automatic tracking which can be activated manually or by scheduling.

Smart detections give users the confidence to securely protect their property day & night.

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The Starlight Cameras can get clear images in a very low LUX rating of 0.001Lux conditions, such as only the starlight or moonlight. These cameras are very good for night view when there are road lamps near the cameras.

Starlight cameras are surveillance cameras with the special ability to slow down it’s electronic shutter in order to capture more light for the camera’s CCD chip-set, allowing them to record color video in low light.

Star light cameras have a very sensitive high resolution image sensor which can observe the activity of an intruder up to infinity at night with a very wide field of view (depending on the supplied lens).

Star light cameras can be installed totally hidden.

Starlight cameras can also be fitted with narrow angles or zoom lenses,for long distance surveillance applications, facial and vehicle number plate identification etc.

In certain lighting conditions, this becomes the standard at certain times and the camera responds automatically and takes in as much light as possible to render a high resolution color image.

Starlight dome cameras are used most often in indoor business applications, where infrared video is not needed. Although Starlight dome cameras cannot see in total darkness, you can get very close to it, before the picture is too dim.

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