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Invisible Speaker Installation Review

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Now a day  Using music to set the mood in your home is essential. Having to see the speakers that produce the sound may not be. As part of a complete audio video interior design approach, we offer speakers that won’t detract from your room’s décor and interior design because they are literally invisible. Invisible and hidden speakers fill a niche for people interested in quality audio for their home without having to sacrifice a room’s appearance with noticeable speakers.

Invisible and hidden speakers come in a variety of solution types, some become part of the drywall and texture of your wall and others reside behind an acoustically transparent fabric or picture and frame. Whether the need requires a product off the shelf or a totally custom solution, we will most likely have multiple products and solutions for your unique environment.

Benefits of Speaker

The primary benefit of in-wall speaker systems is their ability to provide surround sound without taking up extra space in your home. Unlike traditional cabinet-style speakers for home theater, which require external mounts and space to install, invisible speakers are installed in wall cavities, essentially using the space between walls or ceilings as a cabinet. invisible Speaker installation

The audio is better than you’d expect.

Although constrained by their inability to be moved around the room, when positioned correctly, invisible speaker systems provide excellent acoustics that uniquely complement your room. Generally, in-wall speakers act as black box speakers, with good sound quality and projection. Due to the size constraints, these speakers tend to produce less bass frequencies, meaning an additional in-wall subwoofer may need to be installed.

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