Hybrid Camera Systems

Hybrid Camera Systems: Its Benefits
Hybrid Security Systems

Hybrid Camera system contains a Stereo Omni-directional System (SOS) and PTZ cameras to take the wide range images and face images of enough resolution for identification. The SOS can capture both omni-directional color images and range data simultaneously in real time. The robust human detection methods include robust background subtraction method (RRC), skin color segmentation and face tracking method. First, the system detects persons from an omni-directional image, and then the detailed face images are obtained with the PTZ cameras. The PTZ cameras can track the faces by using the four directional features and the relaxation matching. In addition, the system has automatic camera position calibration feature. Thus, the user can use the system without any troublesome settings.

A megapixel camera who’s resolution is 2048 x 1536 is equal to 3,145,728 pixels or 3.1 Megapixels. Due to this increase, Megapixel Cameras require a special digital video recorder to support the images. Known as a Hybrid camera System, they allow both analog and IP/Megapixels to be integrated into a surveillance system.

Hybrid Camera System can be viewed as a ‘purpose built’ camera system that simultaneously supports both IP cameras and analog cameras. This provides a simple and flexible way of taking advantage of IP and Megapixel cameras. Customers can start with their existing analog cameras and slowly introduce IP and Megapixel cameras into key areas of their surveillance system.

Hybrid Alarm Systems installtion

Hybrid camera system are attractive to Security & IT Departments who wish to upgrade their current surveillance system to take advantage of newer technology, greater bandwidth availability and upgrade to IP and Megapixel cameras. Rather than replace an entire surveillance system, Hybrid DVRs are cost effective by incorporating existing analog cameras (which may still have several years of good service left) and combine newer IP and Megapixel cameras to their system


A Hybrid Camera System can record and display IP Cameras and Analogue Cameras into the same Security Recorder. This makes it possible to take full advantage of advanced features like video analytics, event controlled functionality, Megapixel Resolution and expansion via the existing LAN Network, whilst also connecting standard analogue (aging technology) CCTV Cameras.

Wired Hybrid Security Systems installtion

When is a Hybrid Camera System Right for me ?

  • If you already have an Analog ( analogue ) (all cameras which are still wired back to DVR or VCR via Coaxial Cable) CCTV System installed at your premises?
  • If you need to upgrade or expand your current system?
  • If you like to invest into something future proof – and not into an aging- soon out of date technology – avoiding repetitive investments in the near future?
  • If you like to invest into a state of the art system, but not abandon the current system completely, not rendering it a mis-investment?

If You Meet any or all of above condition then you may start to consider a Hybrid System.

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