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Bullet resistant doors are often used in government buildings, cashier stands, high crime rate areas or any structure where increased safety is desired. They are generally tested in accordance with UL 752 and assigned a level from 1-10 that lets you know how resistant the door is to gun fire.

The bullet proof door might be flush or have a full glass vision lights. One more thing is that they also existing in pairs, STC rated fire rated or blast resistant.

Along with transaction windows, doors rank high on the list of the most vulnerable points in a non-secure business environment. While you must maintain access to staff areas (including meeting ADA standards), you must also make each access point a bullet-resistant barrier that supports the rest of the secure environment. We can provide a number of bullet resistant door options that provide UL Level I, II, and III security, in materials that can emphasize or minimize security as a visual deterrent.Bullet Resistant Doors installation

Different types of Bullet proof doors are:

·   Aluminum Frame Doors

·   Wood Doors

·   Steel Doors

·   Acrylic Doors

·   Transactional Doors



Bullet Resistant Doors Levels 1 – 8

The variety of cores can be bullet proof door like honey combo, stiffened and polystyrene. That is one essential in order to specify to a performance level and not a specific core material. Numbers of the cores can proprietary at higher level.bullet protection rating


Hardware Preparation

  • Lock: Gov. 86 or 161 with ANSI 4-7/8 Strike
  • Hinge: 5″ x .190″ hinge standard
  • Heavy Duty Door Closers are recommended



  • Public Utility Field Buildings
  • Cashier Stands
  • Remote Electrical Panels
  • Guard Shacks

Characteristic Option Designed for Bullet Proof Door

  • Integral lite option (1)
  • Flush top cap (1)
  • Any manufacturer’s Deadlock prep,
  • (1,2) Panic prep (1), and Mortise sectional trim (1,2)

Our Services: Bullet Proof Door Installation

We advice that you should use bullet proof door for the safety of your industry with the help of our team support. Basically we can provide facilities  for bullet proof door installation services in quick way and to the best satisfaction of user.


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